You asked, we answer.


What is disk space?

Disk Space is the amount of storage you have for files on your hosting account. This includes space used for emails and MySQL databases.

What is monthly transfer?

Monthly transfer (Sometimes called bandwidth) is the amount of data you can transfer in and out of the server per month, in any combination.

What is a parked, addon or subdomain?

A parked domain is where you point a domain to an existing website.
An addon domain is where you point a domain to a subdirectory.
A subdomain is a subdirectory of a domain e.g.

Do you offer unlimited space or bandwidth?

There is no such thing as unlimited disk space or unlimited bandwidth. There are always limits (Usually in the smallprint). We provide competative plans, and better still, you can actually use every last byte of it without being penalized!

Can you help moving from another hosting provider?

Will you help me move my sites from another hosting provider? If your existing hosting provider is using cPanel, we can do a Server>Server transfer of your entire account, including all settings, databases and even your emails.

Do you offer free trials or sponsorship?

Unfortunatley we do not due to the potential security implications. You are more than welcome to use our money back guarantee if you are not happy, but unfortunatley we do not provide sponsored hosting currently.

How can I upload files?

There are a few different ways of uploading your files. cPanel includes an easy to use filemanager to upload files, including a basic editor for text files and web pages. More experienced users or those looking to upload larger files, can use FTP by connecting to our servers via an FTP client such as Filezilla.

For MySQL, cPanel includes access to PhpMyAdmin. From there you can edit your database tables, or upload/download .sql dumps.

If you have a particuarly large databse to restore, you can also upload it via FTP and we can restore it for you.

What are your CPU and memory limits?

Most large hosting providers have a fixed limit on CPU and Memory usage, and often enforce other methods to limit how you can use your account.

We do not have a fixed resource limit, but we ask users to be considerate. A general rule is 64MB-128MB or less memory per process, but don't worry about it too much. If your site gets too busy for our shared hosting environment, we will let you know by email.

We can also help with the transition onto a VPS or Dedicated Server solution, so regardless of how popular your site gets, we have the skills to handle it!