Tech Specs


Xen Virtualization

The Xen hypervisor is a powerful open source industry standard for virtualization offering a powerful, efficient, and secure feature set for virtualization.

We know Xen inside out, and even build and test our own packages and kernels in-house. How many other providers can say that?

Powerful Hardware, backed up daily.

Our managed VPS are hosted on powerful Core i7-3770 "Ivybridge" CPUs with 32GB RAM and 6x disk Hardware RAID10 /w 512MB Cache.

Daily backups are based on a seperate drive from the main RAID array, and can be replicated offsite at additional cost.

Redundant, all Cisco Network

All host machines have a fully dedicated 100Mbit (Full Duplex) connection to our edge switches, which in turn are arranged in a Cisco HSRP configuration. This means each switch has a pair of redundant 1Gbps uplinks, which go upto a pair of core routers. Should a router or uplink go down, traffic will continue uninterrupted.

SolusVM + Full Root Access

Although you may not necesarrily use SolusVM with a managed VPS, we still provide access to it, allowing you to Start, Stop or Reboot your VPS whenever you please. Even from your iphone!

You also get full root access to your server, allowing you to create reseller accounts and manage your system from SSH.

RedHat Certified, what does that mean to you?

All of our senior System Administrators hold current RedHat Certified Engineer / System Administrator Certifications. These are highly respected industry certifications, with exams based around actual competancy working on live systems rather than multiple-choice.

Not only does this validate our broad skillset, but it also ensures we stay upto date with the latest technologies.

24x7x365 Monitoring

Not only do we monitor our network externally via 2 independant parties (Who in in turn use multiple geographic locations), but we also monitor individual host machines.

We also monitor all major services on your VPS, and will ensure any issues are fixed automatically, probably before you even notice!