Features in detail


cPanel Control Panel

cPanel is the industry leading control panel and webhosting platform manager. cPanel provides an intuitive web based control panel where you can manage all aspects of your hosting account from uploading files to creating email accounts.

Softocalous Auto-Installer

Softocalous is a one-click installer for more than 290 popular scripts from blogs to bulletin boards and content-management systems (CMS). Not only will it install them for you, it also makes it very easy to keep them upto date.

CentOS Linux, Hardened.

All of our servers run CentOS, an enterprise Linux distribution along with custom-hardened kernels and a host of other measures to ensure multiple layers of security for both your account and other customers.

Powerful Hardware, Backed up daily

Each server has a powerful Intel Core i7-3770 "Ivybridge" processor with 32GB RAM and a 6x disk Hardware RAID10 array to ensure your websites fly!

We also carry out daily incremental backups of all accounts to a secondary drive, for added piece of mind.

Varnish - Not just for making things shiny!

We use something called Varnish which is a web application accellerator and works by caches popular static files in memory. This reduces the amount of Disk I/O usage on the server, and makes your websites fly, since RAM is much, much faster than hard disks even with several in a RAID configuration!

Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus

Your mailboxes are covered by comprehensive anti-spam protection, with multiple mail filtering agents, real-time blocklists and anti-viral scanning of all email messages. You can also customize the sensitivity of these filters, inside cPanel.

Mailbox Features

Your email accounts have full POP3, SMTP and IMAP functionality, in addition to choice of multiple Webmail applications. They are fully compatible with email clients such as Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express and Thunderbird.

You can even setup forwarders, auto-responders, mailing lists and create redundancy with secondary MX records.

Developer Tools

If you are keen web-developer you will be pleased to know what we support custom error pages, password protected directories, hotlink protection and more!

Jailed SSH access is also available, Dedicated IP's are available at £1.00/Month per IP.